Satlook Mark IV FTA


There are today a lot of different and interesting TV-satellites. With the SATLOOK Mark IV FTA instrument it’s easy to find, identify and maximize

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Product Description

EMITOR SATLOOK Mark IV FTA is a measuringinstrument developed and
manufactured in Sweden for exact alignment and adjustment of
The instrument is provided with a 4″ TFT-color monitor
which either shows Digital Free To Air, analog TV-channel or the frequency
spectrum 920-2150 MHz (normal or expanded mode).
Soundfrequencies between 5.5
8.5 MHz can be tuned in and listened to.
The polarisation of the LNB is
switchable with a 22 kHz tone and/or with 13V/18V. DiSEqC-accessories (like
switches) can also be controlled. Even DiSEqC-actuators (level 1.2) can be run
in the Digital FTA mode.
The instrument is protected from short-circuit when
connecting the LNB.
The main functions of the Digital Free To Air receiver
are controlled on the instrument´s key-pad but can also be fully controlled with
the attached remote-control. Power to the instrument is supplied by a built in,
rechargeable battery.
The battery is recharged from the external battery
charger or the car-adaptor.
Even though the instrument has a lot of functions
it is still very flexible and easy to use.
SATLOOK Mark IV FTA weights only
about 5,5kg incl. the battery and carrying-case.


Input frequency: 950-2150MHz.
Min level
About 30 dBuV (noise).
Max level in: About 100
TV/Audio standard: PAL.
75 Ohm, BNC-con.
Picture-screen: 4″
Color TFT monitor
KU- C-band: Yes,
Audio bandwidth: Adjustable between 5.5 MHz and
8.5 MHz
Measuring method:

1. Full spectrum, normal or expanded mode.
2. 4” monitor with full
picture. Optional with pos/neg video.
3. Leavel check on single channel with
LED-bar display.
4. Level check with audio from loudspeaker.
5. FTA
Digital signal readout. Max leavel: Spectral with max peaks.

Two digits LED display with max value.
LED bar with max
Highest tone from loudspeaker.
FTA Digital max signal.

Supply voltage LNB: 13-18V, switchable
22 KHz. On / Off.
DiSEqC: Standard DiSEqC,
level 1.0.
Output: Video and Audio output for connection to
TV / monitor.
Operational: About 1 hour on a fully charged
Weight: Aprox. 5.5 kg
Power supply: Internal rechargeable battery
12V 3.0 Amp. External power supply, In: 100-230V. Output 13.5V 1.5 amp DC.
Accessories: Nylon carrying-case.
Adaptor BNC
/ F-connector.
Remote control for FTA set-top box.