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The smartmeter S10 is the ultimate new development on the market.

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Product Description

The smartmeter S10 is the ultimate new development on the market. The
smartmeter S10 is a very accurate meter satellite systems – fitter. The
smartmeter S10 combines all important measurement types needed for accurate
adjustment of satellite dishes. The extensive features of smartmeter S10 exceed
anything previously offered in this price range. Convince yourself of the new
futures and judge you…
The smartmeter S10 is a handy digital instrument for quick and easy aligning
of a satellite antenna. A satellite is found, the smartmeter S10 makes a Visual
and an audible alert. Signal strength and signal quality appear as numeric
values, as bar indicator (bar graph).

As more values, it determines the signal / noise ratio (C/N), and the bit
error rate (BER). In addition to checks to quality high-resolution 8.9 cm TFT
LCD screen werden.Um which quickly align satellite antenna on the desired
satellites, many satellites are already pre-programmed.

Easily update of the firmware is via USB flash drive.

For transport and protection a protective case with strap is

* Frequency range: 950 2150 MHz
High-resolution 3.5 “-TFT LCD screen”
* Visual and audible
signal when satellite
* Measurement of S/N, BER, and
*  MeasurementsdB
* Spectrum Analyzer to see the signal quality
of all tags
* Display the signal numerically and as (bar
* Display the polarization
USALS, DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 DiSEqC
* Measurements in Unicode
cable one cable systems
* Automatic calculation of azimuth
and elevation angle
* Built-in
* PVR-ready (Personal video
* PVR function: TV – programmes can be stored on
a USB flash drive
* Screenshot feature: screen contents
with measurements can be saved in BMP format to a USB flash
* Software update of the measuring device is with
USB flash drive
* Li ion (fast
* Operating time approx. 4 hours when using the
* Weight 470 grams
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 105 x 170 x 45 mm

Power supply

* Operating voltage: 12.6 V
* Li oN
battery: 1950 mA
* Charger: 90-240
* Supply voltage (charger): 175-250 V ~, 50/60 Hz

Menu languages

* German, English, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish, French,
Czech, Portuguese

Accessories / included

* smartmeter S10
* Nylon carrying
case with Cape strap
* CAR adapter cable 12
* external power supply
* Euro