Sembox DSM 2009 Digital Satfinder MK II


Digital satellite finder Sembox DSM 2009, without prior knowledge Another
easy-to-use professional-meter.
With analog and digital

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Product Description

The digital satellite finder Sembox DSM 2009, with an ultra-light weight of
less than one kg, is super easy to transport and thanks to a digital Sembox when
DSM 2009 neck strap attached to the roof is not an obstacle.
The Sembox DSM
2009 meter shows not only signal strength quality, but you still during an
installation first channel images on the TFT-LCD screen. Among other things, is
a signal to noise ratio in the digital satellite finder Sembox DSM 2009,
numerically and in bars, it also helps with acoustic signals when adjusting the
satellite antenna.
The satellite meter Sembox DSM 2009 can be easily – easily
programmed by the user. 13 V, 18 V, 22 kHz and signal-detection lights directly
under the TFT LCD screen, also an automatic calculation of position Horizontal /

  • Input Frequency 950~2150MHz
  • Input Impedance 75
  • Input Level -65~ -25dBm
  • USALS supported
  • BER, S/N, FEC Indication, angle Calculation
  • Sound Alarm & Light alarm when waek signal locked
  • Auto search, blind search, NIT search, manual search supported
  • Shortcut F1 to roof mode (bigger signal bar)
  • Mini size, 102mm x 34mm x 180mm
  • DiSEqC 1.0 DiSEqC 1.1 and DiSEqC 1.2, Auto DiSEqC Supported
  • Global satellite list & multi language Technical Facts DSM2009
  • Digital Satellite Meter with Digital Spectrum
  • Digital meter for signal strength (in numerical value and picture)
  • Outdoor menu mode for installation outside
  • 22K Indicated by light
  • 3.5 Inch high definition TFT LCD screen which can play channels
  • AV-IN (by RCA) fuction for testing STB, camera, etc.
  • LI-ION battery (2200mA), last 6 hours, fast change (2 to 3 hours)
  • analog and digital spectrum
  • RCU optional
  • RCA output for TV