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Motorizations for satellite dishes mod. HH100

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Product Description

Motorizations for satellite dishes mod. HH100
Rotor SAT HH is a motor that
allows to point any satellite dish towards all visible satellites in the polar
orbit. The characteristics that make Rotor SAT HH particularly valid are as

  • Maximum precision
  • Mechanical robustness
  • Connection without external feeding, only by coaxial cable
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Maximum easiness of installation

Rotor SAT HH is directly controlled by DiSEqC1.2 or USALS compatible
receivers , where the rotation of the motor automatically begin when selecting
the required channel. For all those receiver not providet with DiSEqC, STAB has
developed the interfaces MS 220, MP 01, MP 02 (page.5) to drive the motors by
the Tv cable.

Operating protocol DiSEqC 1.2
Maximum antenna diameter 100 cm
Maximum antenna weight 12 kg
Pole support diameter 50 – 83 mm
Antenna support length 125 mm
Antenna support diameter 54 mm
Rotation angle ±62°
Rotation speed 1,8°/s(18V);1,2°/s(13V)
Operating power supply 13 / 18 Vdc
Consumption in stand-by mode 30 mA
Consumption in operating mode 190 mA
Starting consumption (max) 350 mA
Operating temperature -40°C – +80°C
Maximum relative humidity 100%
Programmable positions (DiSEqC1.2) 49 satellites
Preset positions (DiSEqC1.2) 28 satellites
Programmable positions (USALS) No limits
Connectors Type F
Connection Coaxial
Mechanical limits ±70°
Software programmable limits 5° – 62°
Fine tuning Pulse of 0,1°
Inclination on the pole 15° – 70°