SPAUN SMS 17089 NF Multiswitch


Basic multiswitch for 16 SAT IF signals
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Product Description

The cascadable compact multiswitch with passive terrestrial is useable

  • as stand alone switch for 8 receiver,

  • for extension with Spaun SMK 17×9 F

  • as repeater amplifier or

  • as end of line multiswitches to terminate the cascadable system

Ideal in connection with the 4 QUATTRO-LNBF


  • developed for digital and analog signals

  • integrated energy-saving switching power supply

  • power consumption max. 54W, standby 8W

  • automatic standby function

  • terrestrial distribution independently, owing to passive distribution

  • cascadeable with Spaun SMK 17×9 F

  • distribution from 16 SAT polarization planes to 8 receiver