SPAUN SMK 99129 F Multiswitch


Cascadable multiswitch 8 SAT IF signals
12 subscribers

Dlivery Time: DE 1-3 Working Days

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Product Description

Cascadable multiswitch with 12 receiver outputs.
Only useable in
combination with cascadable multiswitches Spaun SMS 99xx NF or Launch
ampflifiers SBK 99xx NF.
The multiswitch support the terrestrial signal
distribution and is fully return path compatible.


  • distribution from 8 SAT polarization planes to 12 receiver

  • automatic standby function

  • cascade component for 12 receivers

  • cascadeable with Spaun SMS 99xx NF series

  • cascadeable with Spaun SBK 99xx NF series

  • cascadeable with Spaun SMK 9969 F