Logitech Harmony 895 Advanced Universal Remote


Rechargeable one-touch remote that controls up to 15 devices – even without
line of sight.

Highlights: Backlighted Controls, Battery Status Indicator,
Infrared Learning, Z-Wave Lighting

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Product Description

Get ready to hide the stereo, the DVD player, game station, and even your
cable box. Maintain a sleek, neat look – and stop contorting to get your remote
to line up just right – with the one-touch remote that sees through cabinet
doors and works from up to 30 m (100 feet) away.

Total Command

One trigger finger is all you need.

  • No Line of Sight Needed: You can put your components in
    the cabinet or even the next room.
  • 30 m (100-foot) Range: Go ahead and build the big media
  • One-Touch Control: Choose the activity you want to do,
    not the component you want to turn on.
  • Up to 15 Components: Control video, audio, gaming—even
    lights and appliances.
  • Learning Port: Add favorite functions from an old remote
    just by pointing it at your Harmony.

Comfort and Convenience

Never get numb-thumb again.

  • Charging Station: Put your remote in its own home and
    forget about changing batteries.
  • Comfort-Grip Shape: Hold on comfortably and reach all the
    buttons with ease.
  • Fully Backlit Controls and LCD Display: Navigate even in
    movie-theater darkness.
  • Help Button: Confused? Let the Help Button figure it out
    for you. (No one else has one.)

Simple Setup

It doesn’t get easier than this.

  • Online Wizard: Plug into a USB port and walk right
    through initial setup or adding equipment.
  • Incredible Compatibility: From laser disc to Blu-Ray®
    disc, find your components in our 175,000-device database.
  • Free Support: Expect total customer satisfaction, whether
    you have a problem or just a question.