Invacom Flansch Universal Quad QDF-031


A high performance universal LNB

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Product Description

**discontinued product** 

Universal Quad LNB 0.3dB C120

A high performance universal LNB with 4 independent switched outputs, for dishes supplied with their own feed-horn.
Typically used with fixed dishes to supply 4 receivers, in areas where the signal strength is poor.

Some customers find that the Invacom Quad LNBs outperform the single and twin LNB in low signal areas.

Input Frequency: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
Output Frequency: 950 ~ 2150 MHz
Noise Figure: 0.3 dB typical
Gain: 50 ~ 60dB
Interface: C120 flange, 18.5 Ø
Ideal Dish F/D: N/A