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Product Description

Not everyone needs all the features of a fully-fledged Alphacrypt module with
its multitude of integrated encryption systems. The Alphacrypt Light CI Module
is a 2 in 1 CAM offering compatibility with Betacrypt and Skycrypt and is the
perfect device for watching the German Premier services.

Alphacrypt has its own integrated parental control system and can receive
software updates via the Astra satellite through the ORF transponder.

Technical Specification:

  • Product Description: EuroCAM

  • SAP No. : 904410

  • Standards : DVB, PCMCIA type II

  • Special Features : Supports terrestrial, satellite, cable reception

  • CAS compatible with Betacrypt, Skycrypt

  • Integrated parental control

  • Information regarding Software Upgrade via Satellite (only possible after
    Firmware Version 1.10): ORF-Transponder / ASTRA 19.2°Ost, 12.693 GHz H,
    Symbolrate 22.000, FEC 5/6.

  • Smart Card Interface: ISO7816