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SmartWi (Wireless Card Splitter) Version 8 - SmartWi Lite

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SmartWi is a wireless card splitter solution wich can be used in households with more than one set top box.
SmartWi splits your subscription card and make it possible to watch different programs on each set top box with only one subscription card.

SmartWi is a safe and secure system.
Each SmartWi master and client is lock together making it impossible for unauthorised to access you subscription card.

With this wireless card splitter you can share one original smart card between all your receivers in your household (up to 7 receivers at the same time).

Wireless SmartWi works on most common set top box for Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial systems and has been tested on follow encryptions systems.

  • Seca Mediaguard 1 & 2
  • Viaccess 1, 2 & 3
  • Cryptoworks
  • Conax (without pairing) 
  • Ir**to 1 & 2 (without pairing)
  • B-CAS
  • DRECrypt
  • Tong Fang

SmartWi and DVB-S (Satellite system)
The SmartWi works on most Satellite set top boxes.

One Subscribtions for up to 7 Satellite settop boxes

Range >15-20 Meters

Smartwi has been testet on follow Satellit system
Conax, Viaccess 1 & 2.X, Seca 1 & 2, Cryptoworks & Irdeto 1 & 2

Each Smartwi set comes with follow

1 Smartwi Master
3 SmartWi wireless client card´s
1 Power supply 110 vac~ 240 vac 50/60 Hz.
1 User manual

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