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SmartWi II Client Card

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Additional wireless SmartWi II client cards . Two of these already come shipped with the Smart-Wi II Cardsplitter, but if you want more they can be purchased separately here.

Wireless SmartWi II client cards use a small microprocessor to handle both communication with the receiver and the wireless part.


  • Size 109 x 54 x 0.6 mm
  • Conforming to ISO 7816 standard
  • Auto-detect clock speed from receiver
  • Firmware updateable through the SmartWi master box
  • Builtpin PCB antenna for wireless communication with the Master box
  • Minimum wireless range of 15 metres from the Master unit (indoor range)
  • LED operation indicator
  • Powered via receiver's cam / card reader
  • purchased parts package 1 Smart Wi II client card

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