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Kaonmedia K 200/230 FTA

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    • Kaon Media


    • Max 9,000 Channels, Max 50 Satellites and Max 23 Languages
    • OSD Teletext and DVB Subtitling Supportable
    • Various Games Included
    • Dolby Digital Bitstream Audio Out via S/PDIF
    • USALS and DiSEqC 1.2 Available
    • Intelligent Banner includes Channel Selection & Information View
    • Automatic Demonstration and Usage Guide
    • MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB-S Compliant
    • Fast Auto-programming and User-friendly Installation
    • Stripping EPG with Now, Next and Full (7 Days)
    • Powerful Channel Control by Favorites, Delete, Lock, Move and Skip
    • Channel Sorting by CAS, Lock, Name and Network
    • 256 Color OSD & Convenient 2-layer GUI Architecture
    • Variable Aspect Ratio with 4:3, Letter-Box, Full Screen and 16:9
    • Sleep Timers Programmable
    • Software Upgrade via RS-232C from PC(PC-to-Set) or Set (Set-to-Set)
    • Dolby Digital Bitstream Out through S/PDIF (OPTION)
    • 28 Languages: English, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Latvian, Arabic, Farsi, Danish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Dutch, Hungarian, Albanian, Greek, Indonesian, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Polish