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  • Maxpeak


Maxpeak TAM-MV is a battery powered hand held DVB-T terrestrial alignment meter. It is preprogrammed from the web via built in USB. With built in scanning function. All difficult tasks like programming and difficult menu or operation is eliminated. Extremely fast and accurate.


  • Band III VHF and UHF
  • Replacable F-connector
  • 75 Ohm imp 30 to 100 dBuV
  • RF level as dBm or dBuV.
  • True MER or SNR displayed in dB
  • Pre and Post BER in numerical value
  • Quality displayed in % (reverse BER)
  • RF, BER,MER,CSI displayed together
  • Scan mode to how found channels
  • Backlite graphics display 128x64 dots
  • Integrated rechargable NiMH battery
  • Charged from wall adaptor or car
  • Up to 80 transmitters dividable in sub groups
  • Upgrade of settings via USB 2.0
  • Upgrade of firmware via USB 2.0
  • Language option via USB 2.0
  • Built in audible sounder
  • DVB-T active antenna support
  • Run time in excess of 4 hours
  • 200x75x56 mm 800 grams