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CAS Interface 2 USB

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The Cas Interface 2 is connected to the USB port of your PC and it's USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant. Cas Interface 2 it's a Full Speed device and consequently catches up speed to 12Mbit. Thanks USB port you don't need external power supply.
Drivers will be released for all the Windows versions: Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win 2000 and Win XP.

Multifunctional Output . To connect Add-On's and connect to receivers.

USB - Full Speed 12 Mbit connection. Gives power supply to the Cas Interface 2. The Full Speed USB connection it's not so common on all the low cost devices such as Smartcard reader/writers etc. Most of these devices uses a "Low Speed" connections.

Status Led . Helps you during the usage.

PCMCIA Connector. This is an High Quality PCMCIA connector for Cams programming.

Devices Supported

Cam and receivers Sidsa based.

Magic Cam and all Cams Sidsa processor based (Magic Module, Magic KIT, Axas, Universal, Kid Cam, Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Beta etc). The time for programming is remarkablly diminished from the Cas Interface. The time in order to program completely a CAM is around 4 minutes in order to transform one Magic Cam in Matrix Reloaded. Moreover several receivers using the same Sidsa technology are supported through 20 pins Mutifunctional Output and a flat cable. Xilinx CPLD rogramming for 9526 and 9672 is also supported. The great revolution is given the fastest programming through PCMCIA connector or the Multifunctional output (for receivers).

Joker Cam, Ice Crypt Cam etc.

Maybe the greatest innovation is the programming and re-programming of the Chip Atmel in the Joker Cam or Ice Crypt Cam. Through the aid of the PCMCIA connection and an Add-On like the old Cas Card it will be possible to program the a Joker Cam or Ice Crypt Cam. The insertion is easy and it doesn't require any particular skill. The re-programming of the Atmel will concur to repair the defective Joker Cam and Ice Crypt. The re-programming takes approximately 2 minutes and allows to revitalize your Cam everytime you want.


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