Our payment options

Credit Card

Satboy.com accepts the payment with following credit cards:

MasterCard, VISA-Card and American Express

Your order is ready for shipment when Satboy has received payment authorization from your credit card issuer.

Shipment is only available to the card holders address. In case of a different shipping address or unavailable address verification, our customer service will contact you to confirm your order and verify card holder details.


Please transfer the total amount to the following bank account.
Enter your name and your order-number in the subject field.

Account holder: Stefan Erdmann

Account IBAN: DE54200905008750031216


Bank name: Augsburger Aktienbank AG

Customers outside the Eropean Union is strongly recommended to make an "OUR"- transfer, as we do not pay any charges incurred by banks.

What you should know about the EU-Standard-Bank-Transfer:

Your transfers within the European Union are carried out at the low priced rates for national money transactions when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • the transfers must be in EURO
  • the transfer amount is not more than 50,000.00 EUR
  • the following details must be included on the transfer
    • name of the beneficiary
    • IBAN (international bank account number) of the beneficiary
    • S.W.I.F.T. - Code (BIC) of the beneficiary's credit institute
    • currency (or currency code)
    • amount
    • name and account number of the customer
    • date and signature

For all transactions that - do not fullfill the contitions mentioned above

  • that exceed 50.000,00 EUR
  • for special transfer demands (i.e.: rapid payment, foreign currency, etc.)

please use a regular foreign money transfer form.